We are still open for business as we are on the governments list of essential services.We will however be reducing the shop opening hours.
Temporary opening hours are:
Monday - 10-3
Tuesday - 10-3
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday & Friday - 10-3
Saturday - 10-12


Contact us today - Shop - 01606 331371
Mobile - 07366 461213



We will be offering a FREE collection and delivery service for our customers outside of the shop hours during this difficult time - please contact us via Facebook or use one of the numbers on the left
Please Note we are no longer able to accept cash so would appreciate payment via Paypal or bank transfer


Did you know that we clean curtains? Cost is based on weight and if they are too heavy please just give us a call, we will collect them, weigh them and phone you with a price before cleaning!


Everybody loves clean bedding - but does your duvet need freshening up? We can clean any duvet from poly filled to duck down just give us a ring!


You've decided where to go, you've booked it and you've even found your passport. What else? Don't leave your dry cleaning to the last minute (like last year)!


Whatever your uniform if it needs dry cleaning we can do it.
We offer bulk discounts to business, plus local delivery and collection if required. Just contact us today to discuss your needs.

Collection & Delivery

Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic (hello Northwich's one way system!) So we now offer collection and delivery to our local customers.
Please just phone us on 01606 331371 to arrange.